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Tactile Music is a music and sound company with 16+ years of experience, specialising in creating soundscapes for international public art, museums, broadcast, and fashion.
Our practice is inspired by nature, science, data, and technology, delivering original and emotionally engaging sound experiences that captivate global audiences.


In our practice, we immerse ourselves in the context of each project. We collaborate closely with clients, curators, and stakeholders to understand their vision and objectives. By listening attentively, we ensure that our soundscapes align with the artistic intent and create a harmonious integration with the visual elements and the physical space they inhabit.

We collaborate with award-winning experts in various fields, including art directors, lighting designers, artists, technologists, musicians, DOPs, digital placemakers and Grammy-winning mastering engineers. Tailoring teams for each project, we achieve exceptional outcomes that push creative boundaries.

Technology plays a significant role in our practice. We leverage creative technologies and techniques to create high-quality and immersive sound installations. From spatial audio systems to interactive elements, we embrace innovative approaches that push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of public art soundscapes.While retaining a focus on art a sensory language.

Driven by our passion to enhance the world's soundscape, we provide quality and clarity amidst today's noise. Our soundscapes uplift spirits and create unique experiences. We believe everyone should experience the transformative power of sound and music. Our mission is to inspire engagement, elevate moods, and deepen connections to surroundings through the harmonious synergy of music,sound, lighting, and experience.

Key Projects & Collaborations

  • 2023. Mirvac.  Music and sound consultation for large development. Music Composition, Sound design.

  • 2023. Semi Permanent : Future States Festival.  Music Composition, Sound design.

  • 2023. Sydney Modern (AGNSW). Nagnata : Future Movements. Music Composition, Music direction , sound design. Film , Dance performance and Fashion show.

  • 2023. Afterpay Australian Fashion Week. Music Composition. Music direction, sound design. 12 Shows.

  • 2023. Carla Zampatti x Lindy Lee. Music composition, Music direction for Fashion and art event.

  • 2022 - 2023 The Lume, Melbourne. "Ghost Trees". Collaboration with James McGrath as "Nature as Data"

  • 2022. Sydney Modern (AGNSW) Opening . Donors Dinner. Music Composition for dance performance. Music direction

  • 2022. Australian National Maritime Museum. “Wharfies Mural” Soundtrack to exhibition.

  • 2022. Australian National Maritime Museum. "Shaped By The Sea" Exhibition. Permanent music and sound installation: "As it ends, it begins again".

  • 2022. Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize. Finalist. South Australian Museum. "Ghost Trees". Collaboration with James McGrath as "Nature as Data"

  • 2022. Vivid Sydney. "We Dream the City". Soundtrack. Collaboration with Dr Sarah Barns and Micheal Killalea of Esem Projects.

  • 2022. Vivid, Sydney. "Point of View". Collaboration with Micheal Killalea and Brad Robson.

  • 2022. Nagnata, Movement 10. Bangarra Dance Theatre, Sydney. Collaboration with Nagnata, Laura May, Ella Bancroft and Waangenga Blanco.

  • 2022. Semi Permanent: Perspective festival. Carriageworks Sydney. 

  • 2022. Indigenous Fashion Projects (DAAF) at AAFW 22, Carriageworks Sydney. 

  • 2022. Afterpay Australian Fashion week. Carriageworks, Sydney. Music Direction. Bianca Spender, Bondi Born, Beare Park, Bec & Bridge, Oroton, Hansen & Gretel, Torannce, Apartment, Next Gen.

  • 2021 - 2022. Australian National Maritime Museum. "One Ocean, Our Future" Exhibition. 

  • 2021. Luna Fete. Festival of light, art and technology, New Orleans, USA. "Ghost Trees" Co-Creator, Collaboration with James McGrath as "Nature as Data".

  • 2019 -2022. Australian National Maritime Museum. "Sea Monsters" Exhibition.

  • 2021. Dlectricity festival. Detroit Institute of Art, Detroit, USA. "Ghost Trees". Collaboration with James McGrath as "Nature as Data".

  • 2021. Port Macquarie - Hastings Council. "Wakulda - Weaving our stories as one". Collaboration with Esem Projects, the Ngarrgan Mirrilyn Choir and the local Birpai people.

  • 2016 - 2022. Rutherford's Den. The Art's Centre, Christchurch, New Zealand. Permanent science museum. Collaboration with Esem Projects.

  • 2015 -2022. Bathurst Winter Festival. Bathurst Regional Council. Public art projection festival. Collaboration with Esem Projects.

  • 2018. The University of Vienna. "Sounds of Matter" Exhibition. "Freezing Gold Nanocluster". Awarded best in the category of Nucleation.

  • 2016. Australian National Maritime Museum. "Voyage to the deep". 

  • 2015. Arrivals and departures. Barangaroo Delivery Authority. Sydney. Collaboration with Esem Projects.

  • 2013. Australian Museum, Sydney. "Tyrannosaurs- Meet the family" Exhibition. 

  • 2012. Australian Museum, Sydney. "Deep Oceans" Exhibition.



  • 2023. Gary John Sinclair - Public broadcast Vol.01

  • 2006. Abacus Roolz - The northern summer of

  • 2003. Abacus Roolz - The trials and tribulations of

  • 1999. Liminal - aa

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